Pinot Gris - 2017, dry

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Wine Description:

Fragrant floral notes in the nose. Broad, fully fruity taste in Perception. Wonderful Composition of melty yellow Fruits. Beguiling Minerality underscores this magnificent Wine.

Food Recommendation: It is an excellent Food Accompaniment Especially for Salmon, red Meat, game, rabbit or Calf. It also goes with spicy Salads and Dishes, Poultry, Pork and Veal with light Sauces.

Drinking temperature: 8 – 10 Degrees Alcoholic content: 11.5%

Note» Includes sulphites «: Is required by European Legislation. All Products, except Grape juice and grape juice Secco, contain Sulphites. They are produced during Fermentation, among other Things, and are thus basically contained in the Must in small Quantities. The Body is accustomed to Dealing with Sulphites, it even produces Sulphites itself. This Note is only important for People who are highly allergic to Sulphites.