Red Wine Cuvée Resonance - 2015, dry, bio wine

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Wine Description: Enchanting Fruit and Elegance. Nose of Dark Chocolate with light Vanilla note. Elegant red Wine Cuveé with velvety Abang and long Reverberation. Light textured Wood note recognizable. A Wine – not only – for special Days.

Food Recommendation: Ideal with Mediterranean Specialities, Pasta, Pizza and dark Meat dishes. This Wine is also an ideal Accompaniment to Chocolate in the finer autumn area.

Drinking Recommendation: For the optimal Development of the Bouquet, the Wine Bottle should be opened or decanted at least 60 Minutes before Enjoying it.

Drinking temperature: 16 – 18 Degrees

Note» Includes sulphites «: Is required by European Legislation. All Products, except Grape juice and grape juice Secco, contain Sulphites. They are produced during Fermentation, among other Things, and are thus basically contained in the Must in small Quantities. The Body is accustomed to Dealing with Sulphites, it even produces Sulphites itself.